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About Arrasar Partners LLC

Led by Managing Director Paul Struhsaker, Arrasar Partner is a consulting practice with two areas of concentration: engineering/technology and intellectual property. The engineering and technology practice focuses on transformative management for growth, scale, velocity, and quality. The Intellectual Property practice provides expert witness and intellectual portfolio strategy expertise in satellite systems,  video/entertainment networks, WiFi, IoT, and LTE/5G cellular. 

Current Projects include:

  • Wireless Power Consortium:  serving as Executive Director.  WPC is setting worldwide standards for consumer and industrial wireless power and charging.  As ED, responsible for worldwide standard development, product certification/verification, and test labs for consumer products (cellphones, kitchen appliances, etc.) and light industrial products (robots, drones, etc.)

  • Airvine: Member of the Technology Advisory Board for this innovative adaptive antenna indoor wireless network infrastructure startup

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