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Upcoming Events

SmallSat Symposium
Technology Briefing
Orbital Debris: Situational Awareness, Collision Avoidance, and Debris Mitigation

 The Briefing is available 
 The lecture video will be posted after the Event

February 6-8, 2024

Computer History Museum,

Mountain View, CA

Previous Events

CES LOGO 2024.png

JAN 9-12, 2024 LAS VEGAS, NV

Wireless Power Consortium at CES:
 Qi2 has arrived. Over 800M smartphones are Qi2 enabled.  Come explore Qi2 and the new Ki kitchen wireless power technology

You can find us at:
Venetian Expo, Level 2, Smart Home section, booth #53846

10/19/2023  3:30 PM

Technology Brief
Vulnerability of Commercial Satellite Intelligence networks to hostile Attacks 

As a new generation of commercial Earth Observation and Communications satellites  are being tasked for both civilian and military applications theyface the same risks of attack as traditional military and intelligence satellites  

Paul Struhsaker, CEO, Arrasar Partners

10/17/2023  2:15 PM

Technology Brief
Satellite Innovation  for Cislunar Infrastructure

Learn about the technologies that will support humankind's colonization of the moon and pave the way to colonize Mars.

Paul Struhsaker, CEO, Arrasar Partners

IFA Berlin  September 1st to 5th,  2023

The Wireless Power Consortium will debut our new LEV, Lite Electric Vehicles standard for E-bikes and E-scoters, along with the latest Ki (kitchen) and Qi2 (cellphone) wireless charging innovations

You can find us at:

Messe Berlin Hall 3.2 stand 104

Wireless Power Consortium:
The official launch of Qi2 - the world's new
Wireless charging standard

You can find us at:
Fira Grand Via, Barcelona, Hall 2, Stand # 2D54

02/07/2023  2:00 PM

Market Brief:  The Dawn of Civilian  SmallSat
Intelligence Gathering Networks

Paul Struhsaker, CEO, Arrasar Partners

Wireless Power Consortium:
 Let's Talk about Qi2 and Ki wireless charging!
You can find us at:
Venetian Expo Center Level 2,  Booth 5352

11/11/2022  9:30 AM

WPC -  A Roadmap on the Future Of Wireless

Paul Struhsaker, CEO, Wireless Power Consortium

11/14/2022  2:15 pm

Technology Brief:  Imagery verses SAR for Military Applications

Paul Struhsaker, CEO, Arrasar Partners

10/11/2022   2:15 pm

Technology Brief:  Satellite Tracking and Collision Avoidance Technologies

Paul Struhsaker, CEO, Arrasar Partners

02/08/2022 - 02/10/2022

Technology Brief:  Optimizing Machine Learning Techniques for Earth Observation Data

Paul Struhsaker, CEO, Arrasar Partners

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