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Fritz Struhsaker

Author, Entrepreneur, & Innovator

Paul Frederick "Fritz" Struhsaker

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         We are not alone. We have never been alone. The Earth is a  “preserve world,” an experiment. With the elimination of our protectors, the Stewards, humankind’s lease on Earth has ended. Tin Man, a rogue refugee synthetic, breaks galactic protocols and recruits entrepreneur Travis Stanhauser to create a secret organization, the Admiralty, to mount a defense. “Hiding in plain sight,” our odd couple duo use a series of green start-up companies as cover to recruit an eclectic group of global operatives and operations. For the Admiralty, Travis, and his family, the Earth’s governments are as large a threat to human survival as pending contact with galactic civilization. The human race must face the revelation of a long-held galactic truth: 


“Only the strong survive and the weak, by necessity, must perish.”

In Development 

The Armadeddon 2.png

       The Day of Atonement has arrived. The enemy fleet has arrived with forces far outnumbering anything available for the Earth’s defense. All is not lost. The Admiralty has a plan - a trap to ensnare the enemy exposing their weaknesses to face humankind’s strength. Even so, the odds of success remain tenuous at best. War is in the will, and so the Battle of the Armageddon begins. 

The Fleet Never Fails!"

"The Weak, by Necessity, Must Perish!"