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Fritz Struhsaker

Executive, Entrepreneur, Innovator, & Author

Paul Frederick "Fritz" Struhsaker

Latest Event

MilSat Symposium October 19 & 20, Computer History Museum, Mountainview, CA

Technology Briefing Lecture:

Vulerability of Commercial Satellite Intelligence Networks to Hostile Attack

US Starfire Optical Range
Russian Krashuka-4 Jammer

 Latest Blog

Lost in Space – Humankind’s Cumulative Pollution of Space

 Latest Blog - an Update

With the tragic renewed hostilities between Hamas and Israel, this  popular technology blog provides a timely overview of the US and our allies missile defense systems and capabilities.

Iron Dome Missle Defense

Iron Dome Missle Defense engaing incoming missle strike

 Popular Blogs

It started as a dinner conversation over the  question of Putin's threat of nuclear war - Is it possible to survive a nuclear war?

    This question motivated the following 3 popular blogs that provide the answers: 

Hirosima Ground Zero - August 1945
Castle Bravo Nuclear Bomb Test

Literary Project - Short Strories

The first of a series of short stories available free of cost on this site:

       Zahara - A short story

Mata Hari meets James Bond with a twist in this short story thriller set in Dubai, the center of commerce and intrigue where the Western and Eastern powers vie for power in the Middle East of Cold War 2.

Burj Al Arab Hotel Dubai
 Zahara Fitzroy bint Sharif Al Ronaihi

Literary Project - Novels

A work in progress- Publication date is TBD:

 The Revelation Trilogy:

  • Awakening

  • Revelation

  • Armageddon

 We are not alone. We have never been alone. The Earth is a  “preserve world,” an experiment. The time has come for that experiment to end  ...

Rosetta Nebula - Realm of the Chosen

Only the strong survive,

the weak, by necessity, must perish

Cross of Lorraine - Symbol of Admiralty
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